Development and production of high-frequency ferrit materials by non conventional methods

Production Engineer


A telecommunications and aerospace development company is looking for a full-time cross-border specialist to provide manufacturing processes for passive microwave devices.



  • Production coordination;
  • Production schedule / planning of orders,
  • Supply of parts and raw materials procurement processes;
  • Assignment of production tasks,
  • Inter-work performance and quality control,
  • Management of technicians;
  • Coordinating technical content with partners and development departments;
  • Preparation of production / product configuration drawings,
  • Scheduling and reviewing orders in consultation with project managers,
  • Inventory management (determining the need for basic and auxiliary materials);
  • Ensuring the continuity of production, the production of the ordered quantity and the delivery on time;
  • Product quality control and adherence to technological discipline;
  • Analysis and evaluation of problems hindering production, measures to eliminate them;
  • Preparation of evaluations and reports evaluating the production activity;
  • Preparation of proposals to correct the shortcomings of the production technology;
  • Participation in the preparation of production and construction documentation and certificates
  • Development, efficient operation, control and updating of a process-oriented, independent work and quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, ESCC and ECSS standards;
  • Participation in related projects, management of department activities, in close cooperation with development departments and subunits.



  • 3-5 years of professional experience in the electronics industry and / or process control;
  • Good communication skills, leadership experience;
  • Higher degree in mechatronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or process engineering;
  • Negotiable English language skills;
  • 3D CAD design system / software knowledge;
  • Understands and uses the typical online and printed literature of his / her field of expertise in Hungarian and foreign languages, and is constantly updated with this knowledge;
  • Accuracy, thoroughness and systems approach.



  • Experience in process management;
  • Mechatronic knowledge;
  • Measurement technology knowledge;
  • Proficiency in materials sciences;
  • Benefit SAP knowledge.


What we offer:

  • Competitive wages;
  • Travel support;
  • Unique experience in space product design and quality assurance system.


Application process:

If you are familiar with the above and the position has aroused your interest in applying, please send us your CV to the email address