Development and production of high-frequency ferrit materials by non conventional methods
Note, that the given device’s technical data sheet is available under the light highlighted cells.Note, that more device technical data is available under the dark grey highlighted cells.
Waveguide CirculatorsReverse Power – Watt
5-105,84-6,45CW 6.145
5,85-6,73CW 6.3125-150WCW 6.3125-400W
5,92-7,12CW 6.5M
7,1-7,9CW 7.5-ICW 7.5CW 9-660 W
8,5-9,6CW 9.0-400W
9,15-9,65CW 9.5
10-1610-12,5CW 11.25CW 100
13,75-14,5CW 14.125CW 14.125
14-14,5CW 14.25 v.2
14,5-15,5CW 15-30W
14-16CW 15