Note, that the given device’s technical data sheet is available under the light highlighted cells.Note, that more device technical data is available under the dark grey highlighted cells.
Waveguide CirculatorsReverse Power – Watt
5-105,84-6,45CW 6.145
5,85-6,73CW 6.3125-150WCW 6.3125-400W
5,92-7,12CW 6.5M
7,1-7,9CW 7.5-ICW 7.5CW 9-660 W
8,5-9,6CW 9.0-400W
9,15-9,65CW 9.5
10-1610-12,5CW 11.25CW 100
13,75-14,5CW 14.125CW 14.125
14-14,5CW 14.25 v.2
14,5-15,5CW 15-30W
14-16CW 15